Gtek's Creative LED display decorated the largest Holographic museum in Quzhou


  • Name:Gtek’s Creative LED display Decorated the largest Holographic museum in Quzhou

  • Location:Quzhou,Zhejiang

  • Model:P Series, P10DC

  • Area:55 m²

  • Time:Apr, 2015


Project Background

The holographic museum located in Quzhou covers an area of 1050sqm, and is considered as the first fixed holographic museum domestic. It shapes like a squirming caterpillar. Its modern creative technology concept coincides with GTEK. So GTEK’s creative LED display integrated perfectly with this technological building.



Project Difficulty

As the project required semicircular LED display to fit perfectly with the appearance of the Holographic museum, the biggest difficulty was how to make full use of the Cabinet screen (p series) and make it in semicircular shape instead of rectangle. With exquisite design and constant practice, Gtek’s engineers and R&D team eventually developed a perfect semi-circle customized led display by means of using various cabinets in different measurements, complicated assemble process and wrapped steel construction. This project broke through the traditional assemble method. The design and installation process are far more complicated than those in previous.



Project Highlight

(1) By advanced technology of assembling various irregular cabinet models, the LED screen integrated perfectly with the building structure.

(2) The ingress protection level of the LED Modules reached IP65, which makes the LED display applicable to rainy and windy weather; Besides, the display luminosity reach up to 7500cd/㎡, with spectacular display effect.

(3) According to the clients’ need, Gtek conceives multiple choices and creative solutions. By making full use of the professional technology to put theory into practice, Gtek achieves tailor-made goals and creative service concept of real significance.

(4) Located between mountains and rivers, the unique shape of the building, the spectacular LED display effect, together with the steamy morning atmosphere constitute an outstanding landscape of technology and nature.