New Century Global Center LED Bri-curtain sparkling on the World's Biggest Freestanding Building


  • Name:LED Bri-curtain in New Century Global Center

  • Location:Chengdu, Sichuan

  • Model:H Series, H80DC

  • Area:500 m²

  • Time:Jun, 2013


Project Background

New Century Global Center designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid is one of the largest freestandingbuildings in the world. Taking flowing melody as the main building's design philosophy and ocean as the architecture's design theme, the building derives the morphology of flying seagull, floating whale and undulant sea wave. Setting the ocean blue as the fundamental color of the building, having transparent glass curtain wall, with pure color decorative elements and integrated as a whole with white floating slab, this center gives off a typicalatmosphere of subtropical coastal city and creates an entertainment and relaxation mode of Paradise Island in inland city.



Project Details

In this project, Gtek adopts its featured products H series Bri-curtain. This project area is 348 sqm. With the advantages of light weight, thinness and transparency, it doesn’t need to use steel structure and integrates a whole with the spherical part of the building, and displays perfect images together with the full color LED display in the building.



Project Highlights

Inaccordance with the architectural feature and style in New Century Global Center, Gtek makes full use of its creative display's advantage, employs its full color LED display with 5100 meters’ long full color LED wall washer in the main building, and effectively combines light with shadow. The flowing color infinitely extends the ocean sky visually and brings people a wonderful experience of feeling like at the seaside. Especially at night, this effect is more vivid, thus it further deepens the theme of Paradise Island.