Largest Indoor HD LED Screen in Las Vegas


  • Name: Indoor full color LED screen in Las Vegas, America

  • Location: America

  • Model: P Series, P04TC

  • Area: 128 m²

  • Time: May, 2012


Project Background

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, USA, known for the tourism industry and shopping industry surrounding the gambling industry, and also one the world-famous tourism resorts. After choosing among several international famous LED display suppliers, the project leader of Palms casino eventually cooperated with Gtek who came up with tailor-made solution for this project, thus creating the largest indoor HD LED display in Las Vegas.



Project Highlights

(1) Before the project construction, according to customer demand, Gtek recommended to used P4 indoor full color LED display of stable performance and effective cost. 

(2) The screen configuration is designed based on the indoor environment, presented in a curved shape, of which the panels connect closely and the image quality is smooth.

(3) On the visual effect, its image quality is smooth, clear and bright. It displays the world sporting events all day for visitors to gamble.



Project Tracking


From its first put in use till now, this LED HD screen works all day and its displaying effect is still perfect, and no failures ever happen during this period. Displaying world sporting events 24 hours a day for visitors to gamble, it not only brings excellent gambling experience for visitors, but also generates considerable economic benefits.