Europe's Largest Single LED Screen in 2010


  • Name:Outdoor full color LED screen on the tallest building in Turkey

  • Location:Istanbul, Turkey

  • Model:B Series, B18DC

  • Area:304.92 m²

  • Time:Jan, 2011



This project site is in Istanbul Sapphire, which is the highest building in Turkey as well as the tallest residential housing in Europe. And this project was said to be Europe's biggest single LED display in 2012. It employs Gtek's Strip Curtain B18 DC with features of lightweight, slim and transparent. Its brightness reaches up to 7000 nit and its pixel pitch is 18.75 mm. Being waterproof and taken more than 20 user friendly designs into consideration, single panel is as light as 8.2kg, and the thinnest part is only 18mm.



Project Highlights

(1) High IP level: This screen is installed in the entrance of the building in which the outdoor environment is complex. The IP level of B18 DC reaches up to IP65, which can effectively avoid invasion of wind and rain and can operate well even in adverse weather.

(2) Dissipate heat naturally: With high transparency, this product can realize air convection and natural heat dissipation without using AC to cool which can effectively save the cost.

(3) Adjustable brightness all day: The screen possesses the brightness adjustable range round the clock to meet the client’s demand of adjusting the broadcasting brightness in 24 hours, which can save the energy as well as avoid light pollution.



Tailor-made Project

In this project, the client set high requirements on the product weight and maintenance. Based on customer's needs, Gtek chose to use lightweight, slim and individually replaceable Strip Curtain. In case of product failure, it is easy to maintain and can minimize the losses. Thus this project plan was highly approved by the client and earned Gtek this opportunity of dressing up the highest building in Turkey.