Highest and Largest Full Color Outdoor LED Bri-curtain in Shenzhen


  • Name:Full Color Outdoor LED Bri-curtain in Xinghe Century Mansion, Shenzhen, Guangdong

  • Location:Shenzhen, China

  • Model:H Series, H25DC

  • Area:1003 m²

  • Time:Jul, 2010


Project Details

Employing Gtek's several patent technologies, this project is an outdoor full color LED Bri-curtain display with an area of more than 1000 sqm, which is installed at 150 meters high position in the east side of the Xinghe Century Mansion office building. Featured with of high brightness, high resolution, wide viewing angle, light weight and low power consumption, by virtue of its clear and astonishing displaying effect, this screen brings Shennan Avenue a beautiful sky landscape. The screen size of 1003 square meters and installation height of 150 meters make it the largest LED screen in Shenzhen.


Project Demands

(1) Requirement on the screen weight: As the screen is installed on the top of the 150 m high building, so it has strict requirement on the screen weight. After comparison, if taking the traditional LED display, the whole screen will weight 200 t on which is hard for the building to bear. After discussion, Gtek determined to adopt LED Bri-curtain, which is 2/3 lighter than the traditional LED screen solution.

(2) The space behind the screen is narrow and there is no place to install the air conditioner. As a result, it has a strict requirement on heat dissipation. In order to solve this problem, this project adopts Gtek's patent technologies of inclination angle, heat insulation and ventilation, which benefits the screen having excellent performance on ventilation and heat dissipation and effectively prevents the screen temperature from going up in the sun.

(3) Due to the strong wind in the sky, it demands high protective performance. The wind in the 150 m high sky is strong and it is common to have wind forces with grade 12 which requires low wind resistance of this screen. The selected Bri-curtain belongs to the ventilated LED displays and the wind resistance can be reduced at least 90%. After taking the installation environment and brightness into consideration, we can keep the wind resistance of this screen at 60.

(4) Due the long viewing distance, it requires high displaying effect. The 150 m high distance makes the viewing area complex which demanding a larger viewing angle. After comprehensive studies and rationalizing the positioning design, Gtek technicians increased the vertical visional range to around 150 degrees ensuring that people could watch the displaying images clearly when standing 50 meters’ far from the building.



Tailor-made Project

In this project, discussing with the client, Gtek fully satisfies their needs based on the actual project features. And it perfectly met the customer's expectations in product brightness, definition, installation and screen loading capacity.