Gtek lights the sparkling star of city Liuzhou


  • Name: Gtek lights the sparkling star of city Liuzhou

  • Location: Guangxi, China 

  • Model: H Series, H16-32TC,P10TC

  • Area: 2607 m²

  • Time: Jan, 2018

High-end commercial square Star Avenue City Plaza (Jinlvzhou business center) has been a hotspot for the recent 5 years in Liuzhou, China, which marked the prelude of evolution of commercial center of Liuzhou, leading to a higher standing of urban civilization. Five years ago, it was hard to imagine only one shopping park could embrace a huge future water world covering 20,000 m2, 25,000 minternational street-style custom delicacy square, a five-star hotel, supermarkets, cinema, and leisure square for all your treat and entertainment. Today, this dream of Liuzhou citizens has come true and they call it Star Avenue City Plaza.



The whole building entrance shape looks like a tempting cap which would make the passers-by' caps falling down as they stop, and passers-by can be easily attracted to a sparkling and fantastic world composed of the giant construction and the ceiling curtain on top. You could always hold the feeling as if you were just at a few meters away from the bright universe star riverside and you would also have the chance to enjoy the latest VR technology with the curtain.


So now you would wonder who made this great idea of an imaginary sky realized and how they did it? For the long-term outdoor need of the commercial square, Gtek provides Bri-Curtain Air with high IP66 protection level to further ensure its anti-dust, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion performances. The curtain on top only weighs 13kg/m2 which is of great importance to minimize the negative burden on the construction. 



Surprisingly to find, this curtain could be really beneficial to the environment and improve the city image thanks to its energy-saving feature which helps meet the low-carbon emissions requirement. Gtek once again proves that it can shape and realize all your fantastic dreams.