• Project Name: Colombia's New Landmark -'Movistar Arena'

  • Project Location: Bogotá, Colombia

  • Product Model: Bri-curtain H10TC

  • Area: 200sq.m

  • Complete Time: 2018

Coliseo Cubierto El Campín was an indoor sporting arena located in Bogotá, Colombia. It was a well known place for Colombia residents since 1973 which used mostly for basketball, concerts and other entertainments. Recently, the Mayor's Office of Bogotá and the Movistar firm are moving forward in the remodeling of the old El Campín, which will now be called 'Movistar Arena', and nearly $24 million had been spent to rebuild this iconic building of Bogota. It will become one of the largest and the most modern multi-purpose facility arena in South America.






What will be different after the reconstruction? Movistar Arena will be built by highest architectural and technical standards that adopt the advanced facilities including audio, lighting accommodate all types of events. The redesigned space will now have 37,000 m2 with commercial space, restaurants, bars, lounges and more new outdoor areas.




Moreover, LED display is always indispensable in the upgrade of building. LED outdoor display will be one of a business card to spread urban culture and advertising information at Movistar Arena. According to the facility requirements of the project and high-end positioning of arena, purchasers have strict requirements both on product quality and supplier qualification. Due to Gtek has reliable product quality with 27 years of experience in the LED landmark projects, Movistar Arena finally selected Gtek as supplier of LED outdoor display when they visited some major manufacturers.

The new Movistar Arena will own an outdoor LED screen nearly 200 m2 that adopt Gtek's innovative product Bri-Curtain H series - H10TC, which is 10mm pixel pitch with aluminum structure designed for self heat dissipation.



Bri-Curtain series are 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED displays. It is low-energy (fanless) that saving your operating costs, and responding to the government’s calls in energy saving and emission reduction.




With the characteristics of lightness in weight, thinness in design, simple structure and high stability, and front and rear maintenance. On the basis of unique structure design, the installation mode of Bri-Curtain is very diversified including hanging, stacking and bracket fixed pressing plate fixed installation.


Bri-Curtain H10TC

Bri-Curtain series have high protection level IP 65, meanwhile anti-dust, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion performances, and the product features a strong weather resistance for long-term outdoor use. It is a outstanding outdoor LED display.



The Movistar Arena will be open in October this year, let us look forward to Gtek Bri-Curtain 's performance with the new look of Movistar Arena! Gtek will continue impressing customers with integrity, and providing customers with professional LED screen solutions and reliable product quality.