• Project Name: LAPIS TOKYO

  • Project Location: LAPIS TOKYO

  • Product Model: InnoPad

  • Tiles: 14

  • Complete Time: 2019




Tokyo has been granted a new spot for the party-goers with the opening of Lapis Tokyo. The new nightclub is a must-go for locals and tourists seeking a unique experience when it comes to party (hard) in Tokyo's night-life entertainment


Lapis Tokyo is just located at the high-end entertainment district of Ginza, a known-site for fashion malls, cocktail spots and sushi bars. That said, Lapis had come just to shine even more the famous district with its futuristic scenario and the promise to make the party of many ‘clubbers’ more fun!


Lapis Tokyo teamed up with local integrator in order to create the best atmosphere for it guests. The club calls for attention from the outside door, with bright neon-like colors shining out through the windows. From the inside you will meet a luxurious and futuristic ‘Miami Vice’ atmosphere, with a colorful game of lights that mix hot colors such as neon pink, blue and purple.





The conception of the club has also included the installation of LED Screens in determined spots, contributing to the futuristic and hi-tech feeling. To contribute with the project, Aoto Gtek recommended the application of the flexible LED Display Innopad Series with a pixel pitch of 2.9mm.





The InnoPad series is a LED Display with unique features. Being a flexible display, it has curve ability and can be installed at irregular spaces - it helps creating a unique perception of the display content and immersive experience for the guests. Innopad series is a top-edge technology display featuring high-quality components and a lightweight and slim design. 


For the integration part of the project, Innopad cabinets has a 6.5kg per tile and has an exclusive fast-lock assembling, which permits to have a smooth installation of the screen with seamless connections between the LED tiles.