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Huafa Shopping Mall

8,000sq.m LED Ceiling Display Application, Zhuhai, China


  • Project Name: Huafa Shopping Mall

  • Project Location: Huafa Shopping Mall, Zhuhai, China

  • Product Model: Bri-curtain

  • Project Area: 8,000sq.m

  • Complete Time: 2014





Huafa Shopping Mall, is situated along the Gongbei Customs at the juncture of the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau transportation interchange of China, also is a central business district, covering 1.6 million customers in Zhuhai and influencing many cities around the west bank of Pearl River Estuary. As the real estate developer--Zhuhai Huafa Group Co., Ltd (Huafa Group, 600325.SH) was planning to build the biggest shopping mall with the richest functions at the highest level in Zhuhai City by spending more than 200 million US dollars in the floor area of 100,000sq.m. Hence they requested a large LED display area to bring this shopping mall to life. 





It is an honor to have such an opportunity to join the glorious project with many well-known companies such as HOK, Benoy, etc. In order to let the LED display be more vivid and better shape the commercial construction, Gtek was spending days to supply an innovative solution--the whole LED ceiling wall (namely LED Bri-Curtain) is designed to consist of 11 leaf-shape frames and each frame combines two triangles basing on Calatrava style for accepting more sunlight, to showcase the LED display at the length of 340m, the weight of 55m and the height of 20m, totally 8,000sq.m. When turning off the LED light, the entire LED display area will be hided into the shopping mall. 





Gtek has a national lab located in Huizhou of China so that it has ensured Gtek can have a continuous technical support for its products. For Huafa Shopping Mall, it would need millions of LEDs for lighting and the products should satisfy the need of design--high transparency rate and can be shaped specific shape. In this project, H35DC was chosen to complete the mission--aluminum structure for heat dissipation, 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED displays, up to 67% transparency rate, 60% energy-saving compared with cabinet-based LED displays, and IP66 for long-term outdoor use.





Gtek supported an on-site construction consultant team for installation from plan deployment to task implementation, from task implementation to final delivery.   



Show day


When the giant LED display was completed in 2013, it has been awarded an industry award. In "China LED industry annual selection (2013)", 8,000sq.m LED Ceiling Display for Huafa Shopping Mall has won "China LED Application Engineering Excellence Award". 
In 2014, Huafa Shangdu was opening along with a 340-meter LED ceiling wall. No matter the external shape or the demonstration effect, the dazzling and colorful LED Bri-curtain has brought a shocking audio-visual enjoyment that made Huafa Shopping Mall be the No.1 in Zhuhai. 





Bri-curtain is an easy-handle product available for front-rear maintenance. Besides, Gtek`s engineers can give the fast response to the need when the customers give a request from all over the world which are from China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the USA. 





Gtek is always dedicating to supplying one-stop comprehensive solution to our customers, from a little sparking of idea to the touchable masterpiece. Till now (2018), Gtek has completed more than 20 landmarks in the world. Gtek is with you.



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