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Oktyabr Movie Theater

900sq.m Outdoor LED Transparent Application, Novy Arbat (New Arbat Avenue), Moscow, Russia


  • Project Name: Oktyabr Movie Theater

  • Project Location: Novy Arbat (New Arbat Avenue), Moscow, Russia

  • Product Model: Bri-curtain

  • Area: 900sq.m

  • Complete Time: 2014




Oktyabr Movie Theater is a notable building constructed in 1967, which is named after October Revolution located on Novy Arbat and a facade decorated with a huge mosaic image made of natural stone dedicating to Revolution. It has become the main movie theater of Russia that typically hosts most of the major premiers. and has 11 halls, that include the main one that can seat up to 1,518 guests. Novy Arbat is a major street in Moscow running west from Arbat Square on the Boulevard Ring to Novoarbatsky Bridge on the opposite bank of the Moskva River, connecting Kremlin and the famous Rublevka area. In 2014, Okyabr Movie Theater needed a large display to upgrade the facade and hoped the existing building can receive the most brightness even it had displays surrounded the building.





Not every LED display can match with the multiple needs simultaneously--giving the good visual effect and also not decreasing the brightness. Gtek has made it. Gtek is good at supplying one-stop solution for outdoor large-scale LED display.  In this case, Gtek has recommended Bri-curtain`s H16DC to complete the project and let the display`s transparency rate be lower than 67% with perfect natural lighting and viewing experience. Lower energy consumption (fan-less) and better energy-saving (aluminum structure designed for heat dissipation) is Bri-curtain`s particular advantages. Besides, when the outside temperature is below −20 °C, the LED display can work well.





Gtek has a national lab located in Huizhou of China so that it has ensured Gtek can have a continuous technical support for its products. For Oktyabr Movie Theater, it needed 900sq.m LED displays be manufactured. Every tile manufactured before shipment will do the strict testing in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system. 





The weight of Bri-curtain tile with zero steel structure design is 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED displays. The onsite engineers can save much more time and strength to complete the installation. Front/rear maintenance gives the engineers the most powerful backup. IP66 let the panel work without water and dust disturbance.



Show day


“It's a fun street to stroll down and see what's going on. There's usually always some sort of street artist or performer, people dancing up and down the road dressed as cartoon characters or someone shouting at you from outside a souvenir shop. You can buy all sorts of souvenirs on Novy Arbat and there are "discounts" offered at certain times a year… There are many cafes and little coffee shops lining the street too. It's very touristy but well worth seeing if you've got some time to spare in Moscow.” Now Oktyabr Movie Theater has been lightened by Gtek`s LED display, and help Novy Arbat be one of the busiest streets of Moscow full of innovation and enjoyment.



Each and every one LED tiles sold by Gtek can get the global services which are from the supporting centers all around the world that the centers are located in the US, the UK, Germany, etc. And keep an eye on the official website, you will always find something new.





Gtek is always dedicating to supplying one-stop comprehensive solution to our customers, from a little sparking of idea to the touchable masterpiece. Till now (2018), Gtek has completed more than 20 landmarks in the world. Gtek is with you.



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