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Seguin Island

820sq.m Fixed LED Display Application, Seguin City, Paris, France


  • Project Name: Seguin Island

  • Project Location: Seguin City, Paris, France

  • Product Model: Bri-curtain

  • Area: 820sq.m

  • Complete Time: 2016





Seguin City is an island located in the middle of the Seine, Paris. With La Seine Musicale was built, Seguin Island has become its beacon with unique facility. The La Seine Musicale in Seguin city was built in 2017 which covers 36,500 m² and the project was amount to €170 million. Its ambitious goals was enable it to accommodate all uses of the city (work, leisure, relaxation, shops, services, transport, etc.) and thus attract all types of public (families, students, young working people, OAPs, etc.). Seguin City now popularly known as the “City of Music”, a new iconic cultural facility and developing its artistic influence through an international programme dedicated to all forms of music.







The La Seine Musicale was designed by the architectural team of local architect Jean de Gastines and Japanese Pritzker Prize winner Shigeru Ban Shigeru Ban, who had already placed higher and higher demands upon the simplic­ity and aesthet­ics of construc­tion. As an area open to the international public, it requested a LED display to deliver artistic information and performance. The architectural team decided to install a big outdoor LED display LED at the entrance from the outdoor park to the concert hall which is the most people flow in Seguin Music City. Gtek is honored to have the opportunity to provide improved visual experience for Seguin music city. The 820sq.m of 25mm highly transparent LED Display adopted Gtek Bri-curtain H25 Curtain Display which was successfully installed in Seguin music city, Paris.





Gtek Bri-curtain H25, which is 10mm pixel pitch with aluminum structure designed for self heat dissipation. Bri-Curtain series are 65% lighter than conventional cabinet-based LED displays, up to 67% transparency rate, low-energy (Fan-less) and high protection level IP66 for long-term outdoor use.





Bri-curtain products have the characteristics of lightness in weight, thinness in design, simple structure and high stability, and front and rear maintenance. On the basis of unique structure design, the installation model of Bri-Curtain is diversified including hanging, stacking and bracket fixed pressing plate fixed installation. At the same time, Gtek supported an on-site construction consultant team for installation from plan deployment to task implementation, from task implementation to final delivery.





Bri-curtain is an easy-handle product available for front-rear maintenance. Besides, Gtek`s engineers can give the fast response to the need when the customers give a request from all over the world which are from China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the USA. 




Gtek is always dedicating to supplying one-stop comprehensive solution to our customers, from a little sparking of idea to the touchable masterpiece. Till now (2018), Gtek has completed more than 20 landmarks in the world. Gtek is with you.



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