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Full color LED Minidule screen in SOouest Shopping Center, Paris

SOouest Shopping Center, Paris, France



  • Name: Highest and Largest LED Signage in Paris

  • Location: Paris, France

  • Model: Y Series, Y25DC

  • Area: 114 m²

  • Time: Oct, 2012

Project Background

This project adopts Gtek's Y series LED Minidule products. According to customer requirements, Gtek created the logo of SOouest by using LED light strips of different lengths, which was a tailor-made design for the customer. The whole screen area is 114 sqm, making it the highest and largest LED signage in Paris.

Project Installation

The customer required that the LED Minidule display must be installed on top of the mansion. As it was very high from the roof to the ground, the ordinary installation approach couldn't meet the project demand. After carefully analyzing and investigating, Gtek's technicians came up with the solution of installing the screen by the help of helicopter. By using helicopter to install the screen, it reduced the project difficulty greatly and shortened the project process. When lighting up the screen after quick installation, there were no flaws at all.


Project Highlights

  1.  By using Gtek LED controller, this LED Minidule screen can be controlled remotely. Its brightness can reach as high as 6000-8000 nits by means of advanced electronic circuit design. Even under of circumstance of direct sunshine, this screen can still display clearly.
  2.  The IP grade reaches up to IP65. The screen at high altitude is applicable to any types of severe weather.
  3.  By using LED light strips of different lengths, compared with traditional LED cabinets, the Minidule screen saves 60% in power consumption and 65% in weight.
  4.  This project won the award of TOP 10 LED Display Applications in 2013.




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