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Walle Series

Reinvent the Commercial LED Experience

Product Introduction

With cube design, Walle is guaranteed to be an eye-catching variant of LED display. Each cube can play video content over the 4 sides in a smooth transition. Its fine precision ensures images are displayed with phenomenal quality making them the ultimate solution for any stand, shop, cinema, class, show room, meeting or (corporate) event. Die-casting aluminum structure makes it easy to install and assemble, without heavy work, without extra cost.

Create Your Mind

With Cube and curve design, your eyes are immediately drawn to their flowing curved screen and sleek look. It also offers a great way to present your contents and attract the attention of your audiences.

Excellent Viewing Effect

Walle can bring you to a dynamic, magic world to dance together with scene, with its perfect viewing quality in Cube and Curve design.

Reusable & Interchangeable

Magnetic Modules with different pixel pitch are interchangeable, which can help you to upgrade the screen easily, while the cabinets are reusable.

Simple Design, More Stable

Die-casting aluminum structure remains stable performance in air and higher temperatures, which is convenient for heat dissipation, without fan, without air-conditioner.


With dual power and dual card backup design, as long as one stop working, another start immediately and automatically. Meanwhile, the system will receive the error simultaneously, showing the exact error location.

Simple & Easy Wall Installation

Full front maintenance, support direct wall mounted with simple steel bars.

Magnet module design:Easy and intelligent front installation. Just pushing and hang the cabinets to the vertical mounting bracket.

Business Application

Walle series provides adds to the environment that you can communicate with the masses with ease, empower the commercial business with the creativeness of displaying.


Transportation Area

Transportation Area

Indoor Commercial Area

Indoor Commercial Area
Reinvent Your Commercial LED Experience
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