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Bri-Curtain H10TC

  • Ultralight and strong

  • With the lighter design

  • No air conditioning

  • Heat dissipating aluminum (fanless)

  • Easy to remove and install

  • Waterproof


Ultimate Alternative to Cabinet Based LED Display

Lightweight & Thin

Aluminum structure designed for heat dissipation (fanless)

  • IP65

  • High contrast

  • Light weight

  • Energy-Saving

  • 6000~10000 nit

High Contrast

High constrast, sharp color, brightness uniformity


Low energy consumption (fanless), better energy-saving compared with conventional cabinet-based LED displays.

High Standard Processing

High protection level IP65 for long-term outdoor use

  • 01

    Support front and rear maintenance

  • 02

    Tiles can be pieced together between different pixel pitches by Iron Man.

  • 03
    Pixel Pitch 10mm

    Pixel pitch 16mm Iron Man can be mounted in the area the user does not want to show mainly.

Business Application

Outdoor Billboards

Outdoor Billboards

Buildings outdoor advertising



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