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Bri-curtain H16-32TC


Product Description

Due to Gtek fine craftsmanship, Bri-Curtain, the distinctive LED Strips was unveiled in 2006. Over 15 years, Bri-Curtain has always delivered higher quality image to the world by bringing the ultimate visual performance, transforming the entirely environment and place viewers in a harmonious and lively environment. It also offers a leg up in energy efficiency movement in order to provide a better service to his customers.

Harmonious Environment –Transparency

With up to 66% transparency, Bri-Curtain does not stop any sunshine and wind from passing through it while you can see the contents displaying on the screen clearly even under sunshine, with blending into its surroundings.

True immersion DOOH

Larger LED screen, animated content, quality scenes that make you not easy to stand outside doing nothing, and express the uniqueness of each brand. It makes you feel everything so real and so close.

Green Energy

Unique LED strips design makes it easy to dissipate heat, without air-conditioner, without fun, improving clarity while reducing power consumption and light pollution. It can reduce 60% power consumption than usual one, offering a leg up in energy efficiency movement .

  • IP66

  • Up to 68% Transparency

  • Lightweight

  • Energy-Saving

  • 6000+ nit

Business Application

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising





Architecture & City

Architecture & City
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