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High quality screen shows the beauty of advertisement

Gtek`s high quality LED display can let the picture look more vivid and show the beauty of commercial ads as per the high refreshing rate and gray-scale. Each solution is committed to giving the best watching experience.

Advanced hardware for better performance

We are focusing on more powerful and stable design. For commercial displays, Gtek supplies Bri-curtain® --the patent product to achieve the integrated effect of eco-friendly, ultra-thin, ultra-light, energy-saving and remote control, coupled with the control its system. Show the reliable performance.

Customers achieve the most

Advertising Media Solution not only supplies advertisement propaganda, info showcasing, but also supplies building brightening, remote control and etc. so that let customers achieve the most.

Easy to handle and get services anywhere

No matter where the order is coming from or how big the program it is, we have professional sales and technical team to provide you with professional solution and good delivery as per the appointed time. Gtek is a leading company in tech and manufacturing in this field, and has established many branch companies in the world which are Germany Office, Hong Kong Office, Japan Office, Mexico Office, UK Office, US Office and etc. to build a comprehensive servicing network.

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