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Long time ago we have a dream to manufacture such a kind of screen:

Let the innovations of customers break through the limitation of rental application by its flexible transformation. Simultaneously it has a perfect curve and seamless combination to let the audience immersive into the wonderful displaying. It is light and natural. It looks simple but considers the customers everywhere. It not only realizes the innovations, but also ignites the innovations.Finally, Gtek lets it happen:

A perfect curve has debuted.

Gtek`s rental screen of InnoPad and InnoPix, use creative technology to achieve wonderful curve. Along with the patent curving lock invented by Gtek, the assembling and disassembling will be easy to handle. Meanwhile, elegant curves extend to the corner of your creative life.

Technologies create more possibilities.

Gtek`s screens can be flexible from 22.5 degree to 45 degree, even to 90 degree that all are available for front-rear maintenance and combination in a same product. Each change is full of Gtek`s effort and future`s expectation.

Stunning display

The displaying has become more vivid basing on low-light, rich layers and color saturation. While showing an artistic expression by a creative idea, it brings a stunning display.

Easy to be used because of its profession

Gtek is mixing profession into the details you are familiar with from design to user experience and let the installation be smoother. No matter where your project is, anyone can build it quickly and let the seamless combination become an enjoyable thing to do.

Considerate service systems let customers achieve the most

Gtek is a leading company in technology and production in this field. It has established branches and perfect service network in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. It is committed to providing customers with quality products and services to let customers achieve the most.

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